What’s Your Black Friday Shopping Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Highly Determined
Your Black Friday shopping personality is highly determined. You're the type who will wait overnight in a parking lot wearing nothing but a winter coat and some slippers just to get first dibs on the best deals in the store. We highly admire your commitment!

The Sleep Deprived
Your Black Friday personality is sleep deprived. You're often an unwilling participant on this shopping day, which is why you're usually bleary eyed and looking for any soft place in your vicinity to lay down. We get it, this day is often more tiring than Christmas itself.

The List Maker
Your Black Friday personality is a list maker! You're a Black Friday prepper who knows which stores have what and what you need. You've already mapped out a game plan and are eager to get started on your Black Friday shopping quest!

The Map Utilizer
Your Black Friday personality is "the map utilizer!" Some stores offer maps leading to their best deals. While few people utilize these maps, you are a true map utilizer. With a plan in mind, a logical brain, and a list of what's needed, you take your map and own that store in a matter of minutes.

The Pusher
Your Black Friday personality is a pusher! In your opinion, there's simply no place for manners on Black Friday. If you want something and someone else has it: take it. If someone's standing in the way: give them a quick shove. It's not who you are in everyday life, but it's who you become on Black Friday.