How To Be More Outgoing?

Wondering how you can personally be more outgoing? Then it's time to take the most insightful quiz in town! Let's find out what behavior you can specifically change to become more outgoing.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Eye Contact
That's right, eye contact. You don't really do it, in fact, you tend to just keep moving your eyes when you talk. And not only does it look like you're lost in thought over the simplest of topics, it looks like you're avoiding eye contact. You even do it at the register, unable to look at your cashier in the eye. Work on it, and you'll see.

Asking Questions to Find Common Ground
Whenever you meet someone new, you tend to freeze up. You don't say much, if anything really, and you kind of just. . . let it happen the way you know it's going to: they'll think you're strange or that you don't like them, and you'll go back to pretending you've never met them. It's time to change that and ask some questions. No more than 3-4 of them, just to find some common ground that'll make talking easier.

Going Out More
Going out more, that's right. Because you spend so much time at home, avoiding people. You're a homebody, and an introvert, which means you've become a bit of a hermit. And it's making you really shy around people. So rip the bandaid off, and go out more. The stores, restaurants, coffee shops, the movies, something. Whatever it is, make it happen 4 times a week minimum.

Going Out By Yourself More
You go out, but you're always with at least one other person. And it's just not working. It's become you're safe zone, something to think about, and someone to talk to, when you're out and about. That makes you feel less vulnerable out in public. So, it's time that changes. Go out alone, to like a coffee shop. Take a book if you need to.