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This name means 'high hill'. It is a Welsh name. In medieval times, Wales was fought over by many kings and tribes. What would you have been doing? Cyn also mean 'chief'. Would you maybe have been a ruler?

Beyla / Byggvir
Belya was a servant of the Norse god, Freyr. Her husband was Byggvir. It is possible that medieval parents still clinging to the old ways may have named their children after such figures. They are in the Poetic Edda written in the 12 century.

Sibeal (F) Seonac (M)
Sibeal means 'God is my oath' and is an Irish name derived from Spanish and Hebrew. Seonac is also Irish and means 'Gift of God'. Either way, it's all related to Celtic Christian Ireland - one of the major influences of medieval art.

This name works for both males and females even though in our own time it's a male name. Baxter means 'female baker'. Interesting. If you lived in medieval times, being a baker would be hard, but at least you would have something to eat!

Evelyn / Everard
The medieval spelling of Evelyn is Aveline. It means 'peace and harmony' but is also associated with hazelnuts. The name Everard is German and means 'strong as the wild boar'. Either name sounds very regal and would be great for a lord or lady.

Enid (F) / Geraint (M)
These names are from one of the Three Welsh Romances. In the story, Geraint is one of King Arthur's men. After he marries the beautiful Enid, rumors start that he has lost his knightliness. Enid cries and says she's not a good wife and he misunderstands her and thinks she's unfaithful. Don't worry, it has a happy ending.