New Year Trivia

Are you excited about New Year's Eve? Do you know why and how it is celebrated across the globe? Take this trivia quiz to know absurd and unique traditions people follow.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Poor Knowledge
We are very sad to tell you that you do not know much about New Year celebrations. But it is absolutely okay. More than knowing it is important to enjoy the occasion! This New Year's, be a little more sensitive to others' traditional practices and ways of celebrating, and you'll soon be picking up newer fun facts!

Average Knowledge
You seem to be bewildered about the different rituals people follow in different geographies! Read up on the topic to know a little more about how the New Year is celebrated across the globe, and you will soon be expanding your knowledge.

Good Knowledge
Interesting! You can be a resourceful person to approach when stuck in a million-dollar quiz on New Year's celebrations! You surely must love reading or be fond of New Year parties. Kudos on the great score!

Expert Knowledge
Hey there, Smart Alec! You may or may not be a party person but you like to keep yourself up-to-date with the niceties of how the New Year is celebrated around the world! You are likely a fun-loving extrovert!