What Is My Lucky Color Today?

Do you believe in luck? Could you use a bit of luck regardless of what you believe? Take this quiz to determine your lucky color for today and reveal in good fortune.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your lucky color of the day is fuchsia! Your life needs some brightness and spirit today in order to get you to the places you need to be. A pop of fuchsia should do just the trick to accomplish the luck you need.

Your lucky color today is gold! It's time for you to strive and thrive and nothing says success is on the way like a hint of gold. Add a bit of that sparkle to your day and watch good fortune find you.

Pale blue
Your lucky color for today is pale blue. Your life could benefit from some calm and serenity. Pale blue will give your day the stability that allows for good luck to enter seamlessly and provide you with what you need.

Your lucky color for today is navy! Your luck is going to come deep and in an official capacity. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunity and the right paperwork that will allow you to make the move you've been waiting for.

Deep purple
Your lucky color for today is a deep purple. Today is the day to feed your soul and your emotional side. Surround yourself with shades of deep purples to give yourself a proper emotional release that will make way for your luck.

Your lucky color for today is crimson! Crimson is just the daring and powerful color you need in your current life. Crimson means change and change in your favor so get ready for a positive movement in your world.