What Type of Book Should You Write?

Have you ever wondered what kind of author you would be? What's your perfect genre? Take this simple quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Romance Novel
You have a flair for the dramatic and enjoy indulging in a good love story more than once in a while. You can write strong women as well as strong men to sweep them off their feet. Your sense of passion and desire means you can write the steamy scenes just as well as the heartbreaking ones. You know the ins and outs of love can be hard, but you revel in knowing there will always be a happy ending.

A Spy Thriller
Action, intrigue, drama, and suspense! These are all things that you love to read and will be great at writing! You have a natural talent for gripping dialogue and cut-throat action scenes. You can use dramatic irony to let the reader know secrets that your hero hasn't yet figured out. The twists and turns will just keep coming until your surprising plot twist at the end! You will keep everyone on the edge of their seats with your next Tom Clancy-esque espionage thriller!

A Children's Book
Whimsical and full of joy, a children's book is best for you. You see the world through rose-colored glasses and have always wanted to share your point of view with others. You always manage to find the best in even the most difficult situations. Whatever test is put to your main character, you have the insight to turn their moral dilemma into a happy ending. Your highly-creative nature means you can invent fantastic stories to bring a child's imagination to life!

An Academic Book
Serious and intellectual, fiction and fantasy have never been your cup of tea. You enjoy reading books that can teach you concrete facts and expand your mind. Since you love to enrich your own mind, it only makes sense that you should write a book to enrich the minds of others! Whether it's history, philosophy, politics, or science, your book will be thoroughly researched, perfectly written, and extremely enlightening.

A Murder Mystery
Lies, secrets, cover-ups, and intrigue! These are the critical elements you will bring to your murder mystery masterpiece. You've always loved a good whodunit and you can bring your talent for suspense to your next thrilling project. Your intuitive nature means you know exactly how to read people and how to write them. With rich characters and twisting plot lines, you are a master of creating suspense and will leave your readers guessing at every turn!

A Fantasy Series
Magical worlds and mystical creatures will bring the pages of your book to life! Your vivid imagination and eye for detail mean you have the talent to create intricate and wonderful scenes that defy all sense of reality. Whether it's hobbits and elves, or wizards and dragons, your fantasy land will draw your readers deep into your harrowing adventure. Your characters will jump off the page in battles for power, friendship, and love!