What is Your Strength?

By answering these simple questions, we can tell you what your strengths are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Mentally Strong
You have a brilliant intellect. You can solve problems easily, and you never seem to tire of them. You can reason your way out of seemingly impossible situations, and you can use that gift to help others.

Physically Strong
You are what everyone thinks of when they think of a strong person. You seem to be tireless, capable of any physical feat someone asks you to attempt. People look up to you for this strength.

Emotionally Strong
You keep your emotions behind a wall, and it is not often that your wall cracks or breaks. Because you have such a mastery over your own emotions, you are also able to calm down emotionally volatile situations for others.

Outwardly Strong
You are definitely strong -- on the outside, at least. You might not feel strong on the inside, but others percieve you that way. Most likely, you do not really know your own strength.

Unwillingly Strong
You are strong because you have to be, not because you want to be or try to be. Sometimes strength is like greatness, though. Some are born with it, and some, like you, have it thrust upon them.

Inspiringly Strong
Your strength is an inspiration to others. You may not feel particularly strong yourself, but you inspire others to be stronger than they thought they could be.