Beauty Guru

Are you a true Beauty Guru? Do you have the knowledge to make it as an internet video Beauty Guru star? Take the quiz and find out how much beauty knowledge you have!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not into beauty at all
That is to say, you are not into makeup. At least not very much. Either that or your makeup knowledge is not sourced from internet beauty gurus. That's okay. Not everyone needs six layers of foundation. Most European women don't wear any!

Makeup wearer
But, that's about where it ends. You can apply makeup, probably, but you stick to your own personal basics and don't branch out much. In some respects, that might be for the best. If you have clear skin, there's no reason to cake the makeup on!

Knowledgeable about makeup
You know quite a bit about makeup which either means that you've been wearing it for a long time or you've spent a lot of time learning about various products, artists, and techniques. If you ever want to be a beauty star, start recording your ascent!

A Beauty Guru
You're ready for your closeup! Maybe you already have a vlog, a channel, a blog, or even a burgeoning makeup line. At any rate, you're somewhere out there shining your way into the galaxy of beauty stars. Good luck and don't forget to be original!