Gardening Quiz

Are you a gardening professional? Do you think you know all there is to know about the topic? Maybe you're just looking to learn a thing or two. Either way, take the fun quiz now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing About Gardening
Are you serious? You didn't get a single one of these questions right! You probably could have guessed and done a little bit better at least. You might want to stick with artificial plants at your house.

Very Little About Gardening
You got a few of these questions about gardening right, but not very many. There's a lot to learn on the subject, and a ton of books and other information if you're really interested in brushing up your knowledge.

An Average Amount About Gardening
When it comes to the topic of gardening, you know about as much as the average Joe or Jane. You answered about half of them correctly and missed the other half. Maybe you should subscribe to a magazine and see what you can pick up.

A Lot About Gardening
Holy smokes do you know a lot about gardening! You got the majority of the answers correct putting you just one step below the expert gardening level. Do a little reading online and you'll pick up the rest.

Everything About Gardening
Well, look at you ya little gardening professional. You got every single one of these questions correct. You are so good, we wouldn't doubt that you have the best garden in town growing in your backyard.