What Horse Breed Am I?

From breed to breed, horses have different temperaments, shapes and sizes. If you were a horse, what breed would you be? This quiz will give you the answer.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a rock for your family and friends. Your strength and generosity are without equal. You are simple and hard-working. You are the Clysedale horse originally from Scotland, but now well-known in Canada.

Golden Akhal Teke
You are a rare beauty, but that's not all you have to offer. You are the Golden Akhal Teke, a lovely, lean horse that can withstand extreme environments of heat, cold, and sparse water and vegetation.

Newfoundland pony
Your dominant characteristics are gentleness, loyalty, lovableness with a core of strength and fortitude. Oh, and you are pretty tiny. So, you are the rare Newfoundland pony that is on the list of critically endangered breeds in Canada.

You are clever, sensitive, and gentle. Your horse breed is the known as the 'Pure Spanish Horse, ' the Andalusian. This horse was used in the war and as a symbol of diplomacy and nobility in ancient times.

Beautiful Gypsy horses with long, flowing manes traveled with their Roma owners in Britain and Ireland in ancient times. It was officially recognized as a breed in 1996. It's your breed because you have a nomadic spirit and the unique look.

You look strong, but you are really sensitive, graceful, and nimble. You are the Friesian horse from the Netherlands. Though once a war horse for knights, you are really kind on the inside in modern times.