What Animal Is Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're someone who is unique and not afraid to stand which is why the peacock suits you. You may look sweet and gentle but if someone pushes your buttons, you are not afraid to give them what they deserve.

You are an intelligent and witty person which is why a fox suits you. You tend to not say much but when you do, it's always worth listening to. You're pretty sensitive and can pick up on the emotions and thoughts around you.

You're sweet yet cunning which is why a cat fits you. You're a pretty loyal person to the people you love but you also need your alone time. You thrive best when you're not surrounded by people and have time to think.

You're independent and confident which is why a wolf suits you. You love to be on your own and not have others tell you what's expected of you. You're also brave and not afraid to say what's on your mind.

You're loyal and friendly which is why a dog suits you best. You're a pretty optimistic person who looks on the bright side of things no matter how chaotic the situation. You're also fiercely loyal and will protect the ones you love at any cost.