Where Should I Get A Tattoo?

A fun quiz that will suggest an idea as to where you should get a tattoo. Since tattoos are body arts there's a billion different options that you have. Take this quiz to find out where your next tattoo will be.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a fashionable person, so a tattoo on your wrist will really stand out for you. You could get a short quote and it would look really nice. It would also be easy to cover up in the corporate world with long sleeves.

You have quite a few tattoos, so you have ran out of ideas as to where you should get a tattoo Go ahead and get one on your finger. It will really be unique and quite a few celebrities have them too.

Upper back
You have decided to get a decent sized, somewhat large tattoo. The best place for you to get your tattoo would be on your back. You plan to get a lot of details or even a portrait. In the summer, your tattoo will really stand out.

Side of your lower leg
You have nice toned legs, so the best place for a tattoo to stand out would be on your leg. It really doesn't matter where you get it on your leg, but the side of your lower leg will help your calves stand out even more.

You take a lot of time working your stomach, so your next tattoo should be on your stomach. Consider a tribal design or anything honestly. You will be able to show it off on your next vacation at the beach.

Front upper torso
You haven't decided what you would like to get a tattoo of, but you would appreciate a tattoo on your front upper torso. A quote would be nice possible in a diagonal position. You could consider other things to get tattooed as well, but this is where you should get it.