Common Sense Quiz

'Do you have common sense? ' A commonly asked and often embarrassing question that everyone wishes to escape. So, what do you think? Do you really have some? Prove it be taking this incredibly fun quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

We are sad to inform you that the quiz results portray that you barely have some common sense. Common sense is something that cannot be taught and instilled into someone. All you can do is observe other people more and analyse situations around you before you react.

The quiz results indicate that you very less common sense. The good part is, something is better than nothing. Don't feel disappointed, everyone cannot be the same. You need to buck up and improve yourself by being alert in the situations you are in and not act like a moron.

Nice! ! You seem to have good common sense, which is better than a lot of people. You have answered a good number of questions correctly in the quiz and this is how we know that you have good common sense.

Impressive! ! Looks like you belong to the category of people with the highest common sense. What keeps your brain wire buzzing? Do you tend to extensively read up about stuff or is the atmosphere around you very sharp and smart? Whatever it is, you're one Smart Alec!