What Type Of Friend Are You?

It's several different types of friends that compile a click, circle, family, etc. Some of the biggest reasons people don't remain close are because we don't recognize which friend we are and the role we play in a healthy friendship!

Tags: Personality, Relationship, Loyalty

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Opportunist
You are only connected for 1 thing. This could be personal or you could have been sent to collect information. You are very volatile and self centered. Highly sensitive and defensive and If you are wronged you can become one of their biggest Foes. Your loyalties are only assigned to yourself.

The Flake
While you do enjoy spending time with people most of time it is out of necessity or convenience. When it's not convenient. . . . you usually drop the ball.

The Leader
Your usually the most outspoken and influential voice in the group. Even when you take a more laid back approach after a bit of time your perspective, maturity and overall tone puts you right back in that seat.

The Star Struck
In many NOT ALL, groups you are the person that is just in awe to be involved and among the individuals collected and you play a role of sponge.

The Wild Card
You have no ulterior motives, underlying expectations. You enjoy the companionship and have no plans. This means your rarely connected on a level that obligates you to commit fully so it wouldn't take much for you to disconnect.