Which 80s Movie Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Little Mermaid
Just like Ariel, you'll do everything you can to get your true love. Your passion for life is amazing and it really pays off in the end!

Dead Poets Society
You're an inspiration for those around you, especially the younger generations. You have knowledge and wisdom you can share, and you're not afraid to do that.

You are and have always been a rebel in heart. You love adjusting rules to your needs and people around you know that very well. There's no saying "no" to you!

The Breakfast Club
You have the power to connect people who seem like complete opposites. You know that they will always find something in common and you're very happy when you see others bonding because of you.

Dirty Dancing
With you, love is always the priority. You'll do anything to keep it alive as it is the most powerful force you have in yourself. You have the passion of a true dancer that can take you anywhere you want!