Egyptian Mythology

Are you an expert on Egyptian mythology? Do you know all of the legends and the royal line? Find out how many Egyptian trivia questions you can answer!

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Nothing about Egyptian mythology
You are not an Egyptian mythology expert. Far from it. But really, how many people DO know much about it. We should all know more. A lot of it is similar to other popular belief systems and sheds light on other stories. Read more on it. You might be fascinated.

Very little about Egyptian mythology
You are not well versed in Egyptian mythology but you do know a little bit about it. You're probably fairly well educated in general. A lot of people know nothing about it at all. Still, you could use to learn more. It's interesting stuff.

A decent amount about Egyptian mythology
You have a pretty good grasp of Egyptian mythology. Enough to know the right questions to ask to find out more about what really interests you. You could hold your own in a conversation about. But do go and learn more and be on your way to becoming an expert!

A lot about Egyptian mythology
You must watch a lot of Egyptian documentaries! Or, it's possible that you have a great interest in it and have read all about it. In either case, it may be time to book a trip to Egypt to learn more about it in person! You're almost an expert - make it happen!

An EXPERT on Egyptian mythology
You know almost everything there is to know about Egyptian mythology. Are you trying to revive the religion or something? If you end up opening any stargates, please do be careful! We don't want to be sucked into any strange worlds.