What Should I Paint Today?

A short fun quiz that will give you an idea as to what should paint when you start your next project. This quiz will ask you a series of questions designed to help you figure out what to paint.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the very opposite of creative. There is not one thing about you that gives off a hint of creativity. So therefore yiu should not be painting anything. You picking up a paint brush would be an absolute waste of time.

Self portrait
You are into yourself not so much that it turns people away from you. But it is no big secret that you love yourself. So when you pick up the paint brush to start your next painting you should be painting yourself.

Nature (outdoors)
You love everything about the outdoors. There is not a season that goes by where you can't find something to do outside. This is why painting something around a nature theme would be the ideal painting for you.

Still life
You are a very technical artist you are one of thise people that just get art in many different ways. You are great when it comes to creating depth using shadows and lighting. That is why you should paint a still life picture.

Abstract piece
You are awesome at taking your thoughts and turning it into something tangible. You can take an idea and make it something beautiful. That is why you should paint an abstract painting. Not everyone can paint without a true direction.

You are the epitome of an animal lover. The only reason you do not live on a farm is because you live in the city. You have loved animals every since your very first pet as a kid. That is why you need to paint an animal.