What Is Your Power Color?

You can influence your confidence level with what you wear. Finding out what your power color is will really give you a boost. Find out which power color is yours by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Green is the color of money, but it's also the color of harmony and nature. Take your power from the green of the Earth. Like Poison Ivy or the Green Giant. Use imagery of the power of Earth or money to give you the confidence you need.

Blue's influence can vary depending on the shade. A light blue can bring peace to a chaotic work environment or dramatic coworkers. Electric blue can give you the energy to confront a busy workweek. Dark blue gives you an air of authority.

Orange is a good power color for someone who doesn't want to be overtly powerful every day. Orange is a shock of attention when it is worn sparingly. Wear it on days that you need to grab focus - your own or other peoples' - and get things done.

Black is powerful in so many ways. Black can be tough but it can also be powerful and provocative in elegance and in authority. Be careful not to do the Men in Black thing, though. Use an accent color in a tie or a scarf.

Purple can be an unusual color, so use it as an accent or as one item in your outfit. Or, make sure to have purple accents wherever it is you need to feel powerful, whether that be at work or at home. Purple is the color of royalty. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we have valid opinions and, on occasion, superior positions.

Red is an aggressive color. Sometimes, aggression is necessary. Of course, red is also the color of passion. When you need to feel either passion or aggression, wear red and blaze forth in confidence.