What Is Your Ideal Hair Cut?

Does your haircut really reflect your personality? Or should you find a new one?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Pixie Cut
You are an extremely confident individual with a wonderful sense of style and amazing cheekbones. While other women chew, play with and hide behind their long hair, you are assertive and proud of your sky high self-esteem. You couldn't care less that many men prefer women with long hair over short, you look great, feel great, and that's entirely all that matters.

The Layered Bob
Super versatile and stylish, women with bobs are youthful, fun, and spontaneous. You're constantly changing and updating your look, and you have fun experimenting with your style. To be honest, your experiments are not exactly as risky as people think-you truly look great in practically every style you try out! Yes, even that pink faux-hawk you had back in high school.

The Classic Chignon
Classy, chic and sophisticated, a sleek chignon is timeless. Just like you! You are cultured and refined, and people adore you for your fine tastes and elegant manner.

Long and Lovely
When it comes to hairstyles, you like to keep things simple-and you know that your long, luxurious locks look best when left down. You don't like to overcomplicate things. Sweet and simple: that's you!

The Ponytail
You best hairstyle is a ponytail. Low, high or straight in the middle, that's up to you-but a ponytail is the way to go for someone so active, athletic and busy. After all, who has time for anything other than a ponytail? Who can stand having to push hair back away from your face all day long? A basic ponytail not only saves you time and frustration, but you also look great sporting one.

Half-Up, Half-Down
While the half-up, half-down hairstyle made famous by princesses might make you look feminine and classic, it's got a secret behind it. It's actually super easy-to-style and as durable as a ponytail. It's versatile and down-to-Earth, yet sophisticated and classy at the same time. Just like you! You're an all-around, multi-faceted kind of person, able to adapt and excel in any environment or situation, and the half-up, half-down suits you well.