Do You Know All of Disney's Secrets?

Disney movies. You've seen them all. But did you really SEE everything that was going on?

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0% of Disney's secrets.
No judgment but...have you ever seen a Disney movie? You definitely seem to live outside of the mainstream, so it's no surprise that you haven't picked up on Disney's secrets. You haven't even picked up on common Disney knowledge!

20% of Disney's secrets.
Either you haven't seen a Disney movie since you were ten, or you have done a spectacular job of holding on to your childlike innocence. While you haven't picked up on the private jokes and hints, Disney himself would be proud of your childlike spirit.

40% of Disney's secrets.
You're starting to pick up on Disney's hidden symbols and pranks, but many of them still slip past you. You probably get swept away in the songs and animations--and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It means you enjoy the movies as you were meant to!

60% of Disney's secrets.
You've passed the point of no-return. Never again will you be able to watch a Disney movie with the same innocence and wonder as you did when you were a child. Still, picking up own secrets is its own form of entertainment!

80% of Disney's secrets.
You're a certified Disney expert. Not only did you grow up with Disney movies, you've continued watching them over and over again as an adult--and you're shocked by all the things you missed as a kid! Now, when a new Disney movie comes out, you keep your eyes peeled for hidden messages.

100% of Disney's secrets.
Wow! You must have been born with a critical eye! Even as a child, you probably noticed some of the odd things snuck into the background of Disney movies. Now, as an adult, you've caught them all!