Is He Attracted To Me?

Wondering if he's attracted to you? Wondering if he thinks you're cute as a button, and wants to get to know you more? Then it's time you take this insightful quiz!

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Is He Attracted To Me?

1. Does he ever talk to you first, or do you always need to initiate the conversation?

He always starts it. Both of us start it. Depends on the day or time. I mainly start the conversation.

2. Does he ever text you in the morning? Maybe even waking you up?

Yes No

3. Do you two have stuff in common? A lot of it?

Yes I am not sure. Not really.

5. Does he ever kind of stare at you in a non-creepy way? Just more like amazement?

Yes No...

6. Does he tell you personal business?

Yes Not that I can recall. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Attracted To You
He thinks you're cute. You have the look, the voice, the walk, and the talk. Not to mention, it's more than skin deep. This isn't just about 'Oh, she has nice hair, and her style is pretty sexy. ' This is about you as a person. Your personality shines, and he's well-aware of how it would go well with who he is. Inside and out, you've got his attention.

Currently Unsure About You
He likes your overall style. There's enough there, surface level, that makes him want to get to know you more. But he's unsure about you, not attracted. Don't take this the wrong way though: he hasn't made any judgment calls yet. He's getting to know you. Ultimately, he's going to become attracted (or not) based on your personality. If you two get along, and have things in common, you just might get his attention.

Not Attracted To You
He is not attracted to you. Sorry, but it's better to rip that bandaid off in one full-swoop. The good news is that now you know, and you can keep from wasting your time on someone who doesn't return any interest. He's definitely a friend, and he sees who you are, it's just not exactly what he goes for. Maybe take some time away for a little while, and focus on pampering yourself? It always helps.