How Strong Am I?

A brief quiz that will show you just how strong you are or how strong you have the potential to be. This quiz will show you just how close you are to being the hulk.

Tags: Sport, Gym, Training

How Strong Am I?

1. Do you ever wish you were stronger or had a different body?

Yes No Sometimes All of the time

2. Can you eat what ever you want and not gain any weight?

Yes No I eat whatever it is I want and I stay the same size I meal prep

4. Do you know a lot of people in your gym?

Yes No I know everyone that goes when I am there I know a few people

5. Do you people ever ask you how to get strong?

Yes No No one has ever asked me that Almost everyday

Here are all the results with descriptions

Weakling not strong at all
You are a weakling you are not strong at all. You have no desire to workout because there has never been an athletic bone in your body. You have a brain and you believe that is the only muscle that you need to train.

Average high school athlete (getting stronger)
You are a high school athlete, you are not the best on the team but you are one of the hardest workers. You are not super strong but you train daily so you can be one day. You may not be the hulk yet but you will be one day.

Average adult man (goes to the gym but works out for looks not strength)
You are not very strong but that is not your goal either. You go to the gym a few times a week but you are there to work on your body not your strength. You are not very strong but that doesn't matter to you.

Gym rat
You are a fixture at your local gym, you are so regular that when you walk in everyone knows your name. You are not the strongest but you are by no means weak either. You have above average strength.

Very strong
You are very strong you have strength that borders on something of an elite level. You sit at the top 10 percent of strength athletes in the country. You are a competitive lifter and that is what drives your training.

Jacked up on steroids
You are a body builder and you are very strong, but you are not naturally strong like a lot of others are. You are somewhat of a giant and in order for you to get that big, you had to take stuff that was not legal.