Which Personality Type Is Your Best Friend?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Outgoing Type
You tend to be more of a quieter and reserved person which is why an outgoing personality is the perfect match. A friend who is outgoing and charismatic will help you feel more comfortable coming out of your shell or trying new things you'd never thought you would.

The Quiet Type
You're more of an outgoing and loud person which is why a quieter personality matches you well. You tend to have lots of energy and you usually have no problem saying what's on your mind. A friend with a quieter personality will help keep you grounded.

The Creative Type
You sometimes are lacking in creative ideas and that's why a creative type is your best match. When you're having trouble thinking of ideas, your friend is there to help inspire you to create amazing things.

The Spontaneous Type
A spontaneous friend would match you well. You tend to worry about things pretty often and you usually plan things out. It's hard for you to go with the flow and having a spontaneous friend would help that.

The Inspiring Type
You tend to find yourself giving up in the most crucial of times which is why an inspirational friend would be a good match. They would help get you out of ruts when you feel hopeless and help inspire you to do great things.