Godly Parent Quiz

Do you believe in God and want to share that with your children, but aren't sure if you're doing the best job you possibly can? If so take this quiz and discover just how on track you are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Most Definitely A Godly Parent
You are raising your children to have faith and to understand their faith in a deep and meaningful way. Your actions as a parent are also patient, kind and Godly. Keep giving your children unconditional love, and they will flourish.

A Godly Parent
You do an excellent job of introducing faith in your children's lives. You work hard to make sure they understand their faith and have deep roots in the religious community. Keep giving your child the love that you do!

A Pretty Godly Parent
You have some things to work on, but overall you are pretty Godly. Remember to have patience with your children and to continuously teach them about their faith. The most important thing is that they know that you love them, and so does God, which you've taught them.

Working On Becoming A Godly Parent
You are definitely working hard to make sure you instill Godly values into your children's lives. You fall slightly short of being Godly, but it's nothing that you can't improve. Keep working on your own faith as well as the faith of your children.

Not Quite There
You aren't exactly a Godly parent. You haven't introduced your children to the faith very well, and you yourself do not attend religious services consistently. It's not the end of the world though if this is something that is important to you just have to make time for it.

Going To Have To Work On Being A Godly Parent
You are not doing so well on the Godly parent quiz. You have a difficult time with your own faith as well as with teaching your children that faith. Before you can truly be a Godly parent, it is important for you to focus and dive deep into your own faith journey.