Who Is Your Ideal Man?

Are you looking for a life partner or a knight in shining armour?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Mister Rogers
You want someone who is as good with kids as he is good-looking, someone gentle and compassionate. If he has a great singing voice, even better! To you, there is nothing sexier than patience and a warm smile. Not to mention that cardigan!

An Activist
You are interested in the world around you and fascinated by current events. You desire a partner who shares these interests. You are attracted to men who believe they can change the world and have the guts to try. You are drawn to men who have incredible self-confidence and can inspire others to follow them. You want someone you can work with to make things better!

Although you may not be comfortable on stage yourself, you admire a man who can woo a crowd with his words. You want someone whose charm and charisma is equal to your own. Someone who really knows how to rock a pair of sunglasses, not to mention your world. And the rest of the world, too!

A Cowboy
You want a man who is big and strong and capable. However, you also want someone who is down-to-earth and relaxed. You want a man who is comfortable in the natural world. You want a man who knows how to use his hands. If he's someone you can picture yourself riding off into the sunset with, then he's probably the guy for you.

An Intellectual/Academic
There is nothing sexier, in your opinion, than an active mind. You could never be romantically interested in someone who wasn't intelligent. You are attracted to man who is witty. Whether or not he is 'pretty,' as well, isn't as important as the quality of his conversation. You are the sort who definitely makes passes at men wearing glasses.

A Crocodile Hunter
You want a man with an unusual passion. Someone whose enthusiasm and drive matches your own. You admire men who have no fear, and this is probably because you don't either! You are a fan of the crazy adventure, both in life and in love. If a man can handle a crocodile, then he can probably handle you, too!