Which Beatle Are You?

Which Beatles member are you most like? This quiz will tell you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Paul McCartney
You are Paul McCartney! You are the guy that loves the spotlight and all of the attention. You might have a little bit of an ego, but you're cool so people forgive you. Also, you are good at everything, so it's hard to hate on someone that awesome. Creative and multi-talented, you are likeable! Your career is unlikely to end until only you decide it's done! You could probably go on forever doing what you're doing.

George Harrison
You are George Harrison! If you were in the Beatles, you would have been George, the organizer. You are a private person, but you don't mind expressing your opinions when necessary. You think deeply, and people probably turn to you for advice. Like George, who auditioned for lead guitarist after Paul and John started the band, you know what you want! You have many varied interests. Maybe after you stop one career, you can start something completely different!

John Lennon
You are John Lennon! You are intelligent and imaginative. Everything you create comes easily to you. You are a little cynical about love, but you understand the importance of living a life full of it. You are a complex human, and you might contradict yourself every once in a while. That is only because you feel so much, and you try to get the most out of your life. You're definitely take a lot of risks.

Ringo Starr
You are Ringo Starr! You have a quirky sense of humor, and you're the ultimate team player. You know you are creative and talented, but you have no problem taking the backseat. You don't have to show off everything you can do all of the time. It's more important to you to be the strong foundation for your group rather than the shining star on top. You know your worth, and you like to keep things simple.

Pete Best
You are Pete Best! Pete Best was the original drummer for the Beatles. Born in India, he was a natural traveler and adventurer. Like best, you are individualistic and no one can tell you what to do! You like to go on adventures and do your own thing. You are perfectly fine with being independent, and you do well taking the road less traveled by. You're not much of a team player, but you march to the beat of your own drummer. Maybe you should start your own band!

Stuart Sutcliffe
You are Stuart Sutcliffe! Stuart was the original bassist for the Beatles. He and John Lennon came up with the band name! He was immensely talented and would have had a long and amazing career. You are unique. You are good at making decisions and developing your talents. You know that you are good, and you probably work hard to be better. Like Stuart, who was also a painter, you have many interests and hobbies. Rock on!