Which Generation Am I?

A short fun quiz that will give you an idea as to what generation you were born in. This quiz will let you know what your birth generation nickname is.

Here are all the results with descriptions

GI Generation
You are part of the GI Generation. You are now the great great grandparents. You have lived a very long and prosperous life. You have lived through 2 world wars and quite a few presidents. There is a good chance you are 100 or older.

Silent Generation
You were born during one of the saddest times in United States history. Your generation was born during a time that saw WWII as well as the great depression. By this time your generation should be great great grandparents.

Baby Boomers
Your generation has basically ran this country for some time now, but now you all are starting to retire. You're part of the generation that makes up majority of the grandparents. You are part of the most famous generation.

Generation X
You are a part of the generation that will run the country now that the Bany Boomers are beginning to retire. Your generation is really starting to come into it's own and develop it's lwn identity.

Your generation is responsible for a ton of cultural change. A lot of people do not like the attitude of your generation, the consensus is your generation is lazy and entitled. And that seems to get on everyone's nerves.

Generation Z
Your generation is still kids for the most part. The oldest of you may just now be entering your first year of college, while the rest of you still live at home with your parents. As far as the generations go you guys are the babies.