What Engagement Ring Should I Get?

Getting engaged is exciting! To mark the event, you want the perfect engagement ring. But which ring should you get? This online quiz will help you decide.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a Solitaire
You are a classic, simple person. The best ring for you is the iconic solitaire ring. In this setting, the stone (usually a diamond) is mounted in a claw or set in a round metal circle. Solitaires put the emphasis on the beauty of the stone.

a three-stone ring
Three gemstones in a row is the most meaningful setting for your engagement ring. One stone for you, one stone for your partner, and one stone for God, love, or your child together? One stone for past, one for present, and one for future? What does three mean for you?

a gemstone shoulder set ring
You have the personality to carry off some bling on your engagement ring! Shoulder set rings have one main stone and a line of beautiful gemstones, usually diamonds, inset into the shoulders of the metal band.

a halo setting
A halo setting features a frame sparkly diamonds (or another gemstone of your choice) that surrounds the center stone. The center stone is usually square or circular. This style is vintage and romantic, just like your style!

an eternity ring
Right from their introduction, eternity rings contain more than one type of diamond embedded in the piece that circles your finger. Stones are arranged in various patterns such as pave set, channel set, bar set or even bezel set. Irrespective of the patterns, you can enjoy a dazzling effect all the time with all types of pieces.

a gypsy setting
A gypsy setting, also known as a flush setting, has a gemstone (usually a diamond) set in a hole that has been drilled into the band. The gemstone doesn't stick up or out, therefore it's 'flush. ' This style protects the stone from falling out and it's very popular with men's rings.