What Kind of Live Energy Do You Have?

Answer our 9 questions to find out what kind of live energy you have.

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a Wonder Listener
You are intuitive, empathetic, and positive. Your loving nature radiates in all of your interactions, and it tends to make new friends and personalities gravitate toward you. Your friends trust you deeply and you have a sense of honor about that. Many of your friendships will be life-long because you are able to perceive the humanity in everyone, and this forms deep bonds.

a Buzzer
You are excited, inspiring, and the life of the party. You love the natural high you get from interacting with others, and socializing is your drug of choice. People notice you in basically all environments, because your magnetic and boisterous personality fill the space and draw others out of their shells. You especially match well with other cheerful, bubbly personalities.

a Stable Presence
You are calm, welcoming, and rejuvenating to others. People enjoy your humble nature and feel at ease in your presence. You bring a constant source of comfort and stability to the lives of people close to you, and serve as an inspiration for friends who are less at ease in their skin. When people have conversations with you they feel deeply refreshed and understood and this is one of your strongest qualities.

a Changer
You struggle to become the person you want to be, and this makes you honest, vulnerable, and inspiring to others. You work incredibly hard towards your goals and this is evident to your friends and co-workers alike. Sometimes you feel like things will never get better, but then you usually find the silver lining in every situation and decide not to abandon hope.

a Toxic Presence
You are prone to negativity and this can drain those around you. Sometimes you come across as fake, though this is probably just a misunderstanding based on your introverted personality. You have deep rooted discomfort with yourself and some of your coping mechanisms involve projecting this out onto others. People have an intuition for this kind of thing, so if you find yourself losing relationships, you may consider that it could be time to seek help outside of yourself in a trusted therapist or counselor.

a Repetitive Presence
You have a hard time breaking old habits, and this leads to repetitive complaints and rehashing the same problems you've never quite figured out the solutions to. Sometimes stubbornness prevents you from making choices that would improve your life, and other times it's blindness to the true issues you possess. It can be good to get an outside perspective who actually has the ability to help improve your situation, otherwise you may be at risk for more years of tumult.