What Should I Do Today?

A short fun quiz that will tell you what you should do with your time today. In this short quiz you will find out what you should do with your free time.

Tags: Decisions, Hobbies, Choices, Fun

Here are all the results with descriptions

Go to the park
You have had a long work week and what better way to let off some steam than to take your family to the park. You and your partner can sit and relax while the kids enjoy themselves on the playground.

Read a book
You been looking forward to this book for some time now but you have been way to busy to read it. So since you have some free time today it is about time you actually sit down and start your book. Because who knows when you might get another chance.

Go to the movies
You are a huge movie fan but because of work and family you hardly ever get a chance to go anymore. So today needs to be that day, there are a few movies out that you would like to see, so treat yourself and go check one out.

You love to cookout and the weekend is hear, football is back and it is a beautiful day outside. The conditions are perfect for you to fire up the grill and invite a few of your friends over as you grill and watch some games.

This is what you do on a daily basis so today shouldn't be any different than any other day. Most do not understand it but this is your time for you. This is the part of your day that is yours and yours alone, so you do not miss this time.

Go swimming
The sun is out and it is the perfect day for you to take a dip. You have been waiting all winter and spring for this moment and it is finally here. So instead of waiting any longer you need to take advantage of the weather and go swimming.