What Does My Music Taste Say About Me?

Our musical choices can say a lot about who we are as a person. Take this quiz to find out what your musical preferences reveal about your personality.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You Love Routine
You have your favorite songs and that's pretty much what you listen to. You don't mind hearing the same playlist or album again and again because as far as you're concerned it's perfect. Your musical taste is a reminder of your self confidence and assurance.

It's All About Community
You love music that's part of something bigger. You love music with a story and that has entire cultures attached to it like gospel or k-pop. For you music is a form of connection and you love living in a world where you feel connected.

You're A Hopeless Romantic
You adore a good love song. Or a good heartbreak song. Ultimately you love the romance behind music and the way it can paint a story through sound and emotion. For you music is the highest form of entertainment.

You Want An Escape
Sometimes you need a break from life (don't we all? ) and music is the outlet that allows that. You love getting lost in music and having time where you don't have to think. You have a very active life so sometimes you want to just pause.

The songs you best enjoy are the songs that need to be belted out. You love music for the way it makes you feel- empowered! You are a person of great strength and who is sure to make the most of life.

You're Sensitive
You tend to connect deeply to music and to the entire world. You have a soft spot for a lot of things but ultimately possess a strength and self-awareness that very few could rival. Yes you are a sensitive person but also an intelligent one.