What Kind Of Woman Am I?

If you're a woman, you probably already know that you aren't the same as all the other women you know, but it may be a little confusing as to what type of woman you actually are. Find out with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are one of those women that always looks amazing and turns heads wherever you go. You're looking for someone to stand by your side as your partner in life, but that often leads to you moving too quickly in relationships. As a Cinderella-type, you are a bit old-fashioned and traditional.

As someone who is very independent and confident in who you are, you have no problems seducing the people you want in your life. A lot of people tend to find you someone that is intimidating, and you might have a hard time making friends and building relationships as a result.

Modern Woman
You are a woman that has your own goals, ambitions, and plans for the future. You work hard for what you want, and you don't rely on anyone else for help. Your primary focus is your own life and what you need to do for yourself to be happy.

Social Butterfly
You are somewhat of a party girl, and you love being the center of attention. You have a ton of energy, and you take an aggressive nature when it comes to anything you want in your life. Men are often intimidated by you because you have no fear of telling them exactly what you want. Don't get that confused with wanting to settle down though, because you likely aren't interested in anything serious.

Private Woman
Judging by your answers, we're going to put you in the private woman category. You are very giving and you like to share what you have with those that you love. Your main focus in life up until you're around 30 is becoming successful. After that, you're going to be ready to start a family. A private woman like you knows what she wants and will do what it takes to get it, but you would never hurt someone in the process.

You are someone that remains very secretive about your personal life most of the time. It takes men and people, in general, a lot of hard work to get into your deeper layers. You like to have a lot of men in your life, but you don't take things to a physical level quickly because you want to be in control and protect your heart.