Am I In Love With My Boyfriend?

Are you in a relationship with a boy, but you're left wondering if you're really in love with him or not? You can find out if it's the real thing by taking this quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not In Love With Your Boyfriend At All
It's kind of surprising that you don't know this already by looking at your answers, but you aren't in love with your boyfriend at all. Maybe you were hoping for something that just wasn't meant to be. It's probably best for you to just go ahead and move on without him.

Not Really In Love With Your Boyfriend
You might love a few things about your boyfriend, but based on these answers, you are not really in love with your boyfriend. You like him, and if that's good enough for now, you can keep working towards love if you think this could be your forever guy.

Kind Of In Love With Your Boyfriend
You are kind of in love with your boyfriend, which leads us to believe that either you've hit a rough patch or the relationship is fairly new and still blossoming. If you think it's worth the work, you can go ahead and keep trying. It's not impossible to reach a higher level of love with some commitment to doing so.

In Love With Your Boyfriend Enough
It seems like you're in love with your boyfriend, but it's not that head-over-heels, can't stop thinking about him, don't want to breathe without him around kind of love that some people have. If you're happy with that level of love, then you should be just fine in your relationship.

Very Much In Love With Your Boyfriend
When it comes to how much you love your boyfriend, you're almost at the top of our list with your answers to this quiz! There are a couple of things that take away from making you 100% in love, but nothing and nobody is perfect, so you shouldn't feel too bad about that.

Absolutely 100% In Love With Your Boyfriend
If there were such a thing as being too in love with your boyfriend, that's right about where you are! You couldn't be any more in love with him that what you are judging by the way you answered these questions. We're going to suggest you hold on to this one for a while!