Gaelic Girl Names

Gaelic names are full of meaning, unique, and they sound beautiful! Answer these fun questions and the quiz will generate a feminine Gaelic name that's perfect for you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Allanagh, also spelled Alana, is a lovely Gaelic girl's name that means 'precious and serene. ' It is associated with beautiful maidens who have inner peace that shines outward and makes everyone around them feel comfortable.

You always have the back of your family and friends so that best Gaelic girl's name for you is Nialla. In the Gaelic language, Nialla means 'supporter, winner, and campaigner. ' Once you care about something or someone, you show it!

You are a poetic and profound soul who deserves the beautiful and melodic Gaelic girl name, Samaire (pronounced sah-MAYR) to match your personality. In the Gaelic language, it means 'the drowning sun. '.

You have high standards for yourself and everyone who comes into your house. Lots of your family and friends take pleasure in making you smile by catering to your desires. Your Gaelic name is Saorla. It means 'princess! '.

You are a pensive person with a deep awareness and connection to the spirit world. The Gaelic girl name that suits you best is Siobhan. In the Gaelic language, Siobhan means 'God is gracious. ' To pronounce it, here's a guide: https://www. wikihow. com/Pronounce-Siobhan.

You are a person who takes care with your appearance and all of your hard work has paid off: You look amazing! You deserve the lovely Gaelic name, Marsaili. In the Gaelic language, it means 'a dame that is as beautiful as a pearl. '.