How Would You React In A Dangerous Situation?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Cool, Calm, And Collected
In a dangerous situation, you would remain calm, cool, and collected. You would listen for instructions and assess the situation before jumping to any conclusions or acting out emotionally.

Helpful Hero
In a dangerous situation, you would become a helpful hero. You would assess the needs of those around you, and help in every way possible. There'd be no sitting around and waiting for you. You're the type to always take action.

Compassionate Caretaker
In a dangerous situation, you'd be a compassionate caretaker. You'd console those that weren't fairing quite as well as you. You'd make others feel comfortable, soothe their worries, and provide them with some much needed care.

Tearful Problem Solver
In a dangerous situation, you would be a tearful problem solver. While you would let yourself feel overwhelmed for a minute, you would only give yourself that minute. After a good cry, you would jump into action, and attempt to absolve the situation.

Quiet And Anxious
In a dangerous situation, you would be quiet and anxious. You would likely wait with the others for instructions on what to do. Quietly you would assess the situation and pray for a positive outcome.