How Long Would You Last In A Horror Flick?

How long would you last in a horror flick before you were taken out by the villain? Take our fun quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The First to Go
You are just too cute. You couldn't hurt a fly, and you wouldn't make the smartest choices if faced with true danger. Your impulsive antics and quick judgments based on fear are likely to land you in a shallow grave in the first five minutes of the film. You're the one who dies but no one quite realizes you're gone until it's too late. 'Oh, I bet Kyle just bailed on us again.' Nope, Kyle is slowly growing more stiff and stinky just ten yards from you right now.

The Couple That Disappears Twenty Minutes In
You aren't going to make it far into the film, but at least you won't be the first to go. You disappear with a friend or partner twenty minutes in, and no one's quite sure where you went, but they never guess you've fallen victim to a killer that will soon be after them too. Your mistake was heading off from the group so early in the story line--what were you thinking? Next time, take the first disappearance a little more seriously.

Part of the Climactic Bloodbath
You're not stupid. You're not going to run upstairs and trap yourself when being chased; you're not going to tell the group to go off and leave you alone. At the same time, you're just a little too calm about the situation. You're quick to fall to the back of the line when the group is trekking through the woods, or you mistakenly go to the bathroom alone at the wrong time. Careful, that'll get you killed.

The One Who Almost Makes It
You're critical to the plot, so you can't be taken out too soon. Maybe you're the lead's best friend--way to choose your friends wisely! You make pretty good choices and know how not to fall into common traps. All the same, this killer's a smart one, and just when you think you've made it out alive, you will be taken out with the rest. Just because you've made it back to the car doesn't mean you can forego checking the backseat. One mistake is one mistake too many in the land of horror films!

The One Who Escapes
Congratulations, you are likely slightly attractive but not too much so, the perfect unexpected survivor for the movie's plot. You are smartly aware of your surroundings and not too quick to dismiss a spooky event. You keep your cool for the most part, which helps you make smart decisions that keep you just on the right side of death while you watch your friends being picked off one by one. Sorry about all the funerals you have to attend.

The Killer
Mm-hmm, we caught you. You thought you got away with it, but we know you're the killer! Always more than willing to go off alone to investigate or grab the thing we forgot from the car. You're just a little too calm, and to be honest, we just get a weird feeling whenever you're around. You might make it to the sequel, but eventually you WILL go down. Mark our words.