What Type Of Person Should I Date?

Are you having a hard time figuring out what kind of person you should date. You need to meet someone that's compatible to you if you want it to work. Take this quiz and find out what kind of person you should be looking for.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Funny One
You are someone that really loves to laugh, so meeting up with someone that has a great sense of humor is going to make you happy. There's a good chance that you are probably pretty hilarious too, so find someone that meets or exceeds where you're at if you really want to enjoy yourself.

The Smart Type
As someone that likes to learn new things and continue to educate yourself, you need to find someone that also has a passion for learning. You can take classes together, explore new things, and try out challenging adventures you might be too afraid to do on your own.

Someone That's Athletic
It's pretty obvious that sports, working out, and being a healthy individual is what's important to you. Meeting up with someone that doesn't share the same kind of things aren't going to make for a productive relationship. You want to be able to enjoy doing the same activities, so try and find someone at the gym or your next home sports game!

The Confident One
There are two different reasons why dating the confident one is the right choice for you. It could be that you are also very confident and you need someone to keep up, or you aren't confident at all, and you would benefit from having someone help you along the way. As long as he/she is willing and ready to put in the work for you where you lack and you can make up the areas where they do, you both will be very happy.

The Adventurous Type
Either you have a taste for getting out and exploring everything possible or you want to but can't on your own. That's what would make the adventurous type the perfect partner for you! Just think of all the fun bonding experiences you could share.

The Nice Guy/Gal
Have you tried dating the bad girl/guy before because they seemed to be mysterious, sexy, and alluring? It sounds like fun in the beginning, but it usually ends in disaster. Now is the time for you to get serious and settle down with someone that sees your worth.