Is He Jealous Quiz

Are you in a relationship with a guy that you think might be a little bit jealous? We can help you figure out if that's what's really going on with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Jealous At All
There isn't a single thing that points in the direction of your guy being jealous according to this quiz. In fact, he is the exact opposite of that. He doesn't seem worried at all and completely trusts you. Hold on to this one!

Not Very Jealous
There isn't a whole lot about your guy that makes him jealous other than a few minor things. That's pretty normal though. He probably sees you as pretty special, and he's worried that others are going to see you that way too and snatch you away from him.

Maybe A Little Jealous
Your guy is a little jealous of different things that happen in your relationship, but some of it he is completely fine with. We're guessing that you probably already know the things that are making him this way, so if you're willing to stop doing them, you could probably help him out.

Kind Of Jealous
When it comes to the jealousy level in your guy, we would say that he's about average. Some things make him jealous while other things he's not worried about at all. Maybe after you build your relationship a little bit and he learns more about who you are, those feeling will go away for him. At least you can hope.

Very Jealous
There are quite a few things about your guy that make him jealous. He's not 100% there, but he's pretty darn close. You probably should be reassuring him more often that he doesn't need to be. Every little bit helps.

100% Jealous
According to your answers, your guy is 100% jealous of everything going on in your relationship right now. He must have some sort of trust issues. If you're willing to work through them, you might be able to help him get over it.