How Dramatic Are You?

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Total Drama Queen
It pains us to say it, but you are a total drama queen! You live for drama, so much so, that often times you'll go out of your way to create it. We know that life can be a bit bland at times, but creating drama isn't always the best way to spice up life. Try nixing the antics and taking a deep breath when you feel a drama attack coming on. It will all be okay!

Dramatic Tendencies
You have dramatic tendencies! Okay, the good news is, you're not a full blown drama queen. The bad news is, you've stormed out of more doors and thrown more tantrums than we're sure you'd like to admit. We all have moments in which our inner child takes over and we revert, but try to keep those moments to a minimum.

Kind Of Dramatic
You are kind of dramatic! Like all of us, you have moments in which you feel the drama boiling up inside of you. Once it gets to that point, there's no stopping it! Suddenly you're tearing up, throwing a fit, and saying things you definitely wouldn't normally say. Lets just be honest, drama is a human condition that none of us are truly immune to.

Not Very Dramatic
You are not very dramatic! Your life motto might as well be “whatever” because nothing gets under your skin. You hate feeling riled up and the thought of meddling in anyone else's business makes you squirm. You like to engage in drama as little as possible.

Drama Free
Congratulations! Unlike most Americans, you are not dramatic at all. Not only do you always go with the flow, stay positive, and put out fires; but you always do so with an easy going attitude and smile. You hate to see others riled up and you hate to feel riled up. Life is too short to create unnecessary drama or issues. You live life through a lens of positivity.