Should I Go To Culinary School?

The decision about what you want to do with your life can be hard. Should you be a chef or a cook or something else? Find out if you should go to culinary school by answering these questions.

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You should find another career path
You might think about taking another direction entirely. Culinary school is probably not for you. Why not try taking some cooking classes instead? That way you can pursue a different course in your career while still indulging in your hobby.

Maybe go to culinary school
You may or may not succeed in culinary school. The life of a chef might not be for you. If you love cooking, but you love cooking simpler foods, why not get a business degree and open a restaurant or cafe? You might be happier. But, you might also enjoy a career in catering or events after culinary school. Take more time to make sure culinary school is the best path for you.

Go to culinary school
You seem to have the drive and passion to go to culinary school and pursue a career as a chef. Not many people can hack it, but you can. Be sure to pick a school that is right for you. Look into scholarships and financial aid if you fear you can't pay for culinary school.