What Color Hair Will My Baby Have?

If you're about to have a baby and you're wondering what hair color your little one will have, then take this quick quiz to find out. In a few short minutes, you could find out something new about your new baby.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your baby's hair color will be black. Both you and your partner's families have a background where black hair for your baby is the most likely outcome. It is likely that your baby won't have freckles although beauty marks are more common. Get ready for some beautiful brown eyes to go along with your baby's gorgeous, dark hair.

Dark Brown
Your baby's hair color will be dark brown. While your baby's hair may seem dark at first, don't be surprised if it begins to change a bit as your little one grows up. Your baby's dark brown hair is sure to complement their beautiful eyes and skin tone.

Light Brown
Your baby's hair color will be light brown. You and your partner may have different ethnicities or come from a mix of backgrounds, which is common in kids with light brown hair. Your baby's hair may even start in one shade and eventually change as they grow up.

Your baby's hair color will be red. Your family or your partner's family most likely have some Northern or Western European roots. Your baby is likely to also have beautiful blue eyes and fair skin with some cute freckles.

Strawberry Blonde
Your baby's hair color will be strawberry blonde. Your little one may be born with this hair color, but there's a high possibility that it may change as the years progress. Your baby might also have fair skin with a few freckles.

Golden Blonde
Your baby's hair color will be golden blonde. While he or she may start off with a bright blonde hair color, there's a good chance the hair may darken as they grow up. Your little one may also have very light or fair skin, so be sure to be careful in the sun!