Wedding Quiz

Wondering if you've thought of everything for your wedding? Then it's time to put it to the test! Take this wedding quiz to find out if your wedding has what it takes to impress!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Just Right
You've thought of absolutely everything. Your wedding, assuming it stays this way, is going to go off without any issues! How amazing! Excellent job on the planning and out of the box thinking. And congratulations on your wedding day!

You're on track, but you've hit some snags here and there, which is pretty normal. The good news is that things aren't all messed up. These are things you can handle pretty quickly as long as you act now.

Off The Rails
You've missed some pretty important elements for a wedding! Either you took too long reserving things, or you've mismanaged your time and budget. It could be anything. Our suggestion is to take a breath, go back over your notes, dates, budgets, and other details. Maybe get some help, a third perspective?