What Type Of Leader Am I?

If you're taking this quiz you've probably recently come into a leadership role or perhaps you've been a leader for a long time, either way it's time to find out what kind of leader you are.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Transformational Leader
You are one of the most inspirational leaders there is. You are a great communicator, a visionary, and a bit of a dreamer. You're not great at working out the details but you are great at getting your team motivated and moving.

Transactional Leader
You are an organized and efficient leader. You believe in rewarding good behavior and punishing poor behavior. You have great respect for authority and rules and run best with a system or hierarchy in place.

Laissez-faire Leader
You have a hands-off approach to leadership. You trust your team and ultimately want them to do their thing without your interference. You'll step in when you think you need to but mostly, you're on the sidelines.

Results Focused Leader
You are a leader who puts the outcome above all else. Your tactics are known to change from project to project and you focus all of your energy on getting the results you promised. You believe in data and numbers.

Quiet Leader
You are a quiet leader. You're greatest strength is listening to and understanding your team. This insight allows you to make decisions and ultimately meet your goals with great success. Your team puts a lot of faith in you.

Natural Leader
Your leadership style has probably changed and developed over time because you have always been a leader. You don't know any other role and that suits you. You are a very confident and focused person.