What Chess Piece Are You?

Chess is a game of strategy and great ambition. While many enjoy the game very few can put themselves in the game. If you were to do that, what chess piece would you be?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the Queen! You probably already knew that though. Not only do you have significant power and are respected (even feared) by many but you have more fight than most. You will do anything to protect that which you love.

You are the King. Many believe that they have to protect, maybe because they see you as young or innocent but whatever the case you always seem to have someone by your side. You don't mind too much as you prefer to watch anyway.

You are the pawn. Like a soldier going into battle you know when to make sacrifices and when to let others take charge. You're very humble and dedicated. You have an unmatched work ethic and loyalty.

You are the rook! You are a very straight-forward person. You tend to speak candidly and without inhibition. You also prefer when people get things right and take no issue with correcting others- especially if they call you a castle.

You are the knight! Maybe find you complex, confusing, and ultimately you feel misunderstood. Those who do get you though adore you and you tend to bask in their affection for you. You like attention.

You are the bishop! You believe in the highest set of ideals and hope that others do the same. You tend to beat around the bush and have creative ways of living but ultimately you are always understood.