What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Answer just 9 questions to find out what your greatest strength is!

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You are a looker and that often gives you a great advantage over other people. Sometimes you intentionally use your appearance to get your way and other times you do not. Either way, you have access to places and opportunities that are not available to everyone. As long as it does not go to your head, your beauty is your greatest strength.

You know a lot about the world which gives you great advantage over other people. Whether sharing minor trivia or explaining grand mathematical solutions, you have charmed your way into many circles. You understand that knowledge is power, so you work hard to gain knowledge. Indeed, strengthening your intelligence makes you stronger than most.

You command the rare ability to picture in your mind what others cannot see. This is a great strength because you not only see the world for what it is, but also for what it could be. People like you become inventors, innovators, teachers, philosophers, and leaders with or without help along the way. After all, people need you more than you need them.

You are proactive with a long list of goals and aspirations while many people around you are just reactive. Your drive gives you great strength, because you never allow life to slow you down or stop you. Your dedication to planning for the future limits the amount of time you spend off guard. Therefore, you are truly able to make the most of your time at all times.

You possess an impressive collection of talents, but you hardly discuss them. You much prefer demonstrating what you can do than talking about it. As a person of action, you are considered both reliable and responsible by those around you. Some may view your humble nature as passive-aggressiveness, but most people just admire you and that is where your greatest strength lies.

You are your own person in mind, body, and spirit and you never allow others to make decisions for you. You are determined not to make any moves in life until you make up your own mind. Your insensitivity or indifference to external influence may come off as stubborn at times. Nevertheless, it is your greatest strength because many people are afraid to think for themselves.