What Will The Year 2017 Bring You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

2017 is going to bring you a healthy dose of contentment. You may have spent most of your life feeling a bit like a pinball bouncing around a machine, but you're about to feel peaceful, grounded, and grateful for the life you currently have.

A Career Change
In 2017, you're going to experience a career change. For the past few years you've felt a bit at odds with your career. Whether you're unfulfilled or just plain unhappy, brighter days are coming.

2017 is going to bring you lots of wealth and success! Who doesn't want a little bit more money? We can't think of anyone! You're about to put all of your financial stress and strife behind you. 2017 will bring bigger and better things.

True Love
2017 is going to bring you true love and happiness! Based on the results of this quiz, 2017 is going to bring you true love. You may have been feeling a bit at odds with others over the past few years. This year, you'll finally find your special person.

Good Health
2017 is going to bring you good health and good luck! Any and all health problems are about to meet the door. You won't be bringing them along with you into 2017. In fact, you'll feel the best you have in years!