What Kind Of Tech Equipment Are You?

This fun, uplifting quiz will discover whether or not you are a phone, and Ipod or a ear-phone! Try it out with your friends and see who is the coolest.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are chatty. You never stop talking. However, you are informative and kind (and also annoying).

Ear phones
You are so noisy and loud. You need bush off button and turn your music down! You are similar to the smart phone. You enjoy a large variation of music. You can be quiet and kept to yourself, but when in the presence of friends you are comfortable and tooooooo loud.

You are full of useless information and are similar to a dictionary. No-one, even your friends, knows what goes on up there. You are possibly quite lonely in the environment you live in. However, you are incredibly smart and will succeed in life.

You are cool and up-to-date. You are very smart and chatty. Your the kid that is possibly into sport as well. You are basically the social maestro. You know how to talk to people and sometimes suffer under awkward situations.

Bluetooth head phones
Oooooh snazzy! You are a rich and are swimming in cash. Stereotypically speaking, you are either a girl who is a little arogant and likes a lot of makeup, or you are a boy who dresses like a surfer dude and plays football. You always have the latest and greatest and have a bunch of sheep following you because you are so called 'cool'.

Hmmmmm. . . your a funny one. You are either emo or a goth. Or possibly someone who is loud in nervous situations. You have found it difficult to make friends and its hard to find people similar to you. However, you may be with people that you like even though they are very different to you. You aren't the smartest but has a little common sense.