What Kind of Vacation Do You Need?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Beach Vacation
Sand, sun, and sea. Relax on the beach and work on your tan or try something adventurous like water-skiing!

Spa Weekend
Relax. Spend your weekend with a steam room, hot tub, and incredible facials. Let your mind and body wind down!

Big City Adventure
Forget relaxing, you need excitement! Visit a happening city and experience new food, new people, and new sights- everything you want from a break from your daily routine.

Mountain Getaway
You're in need of some peace and quiet. A little cabin in the mountains with hiking trails and lots of wildlife should do the trick.

Wine Country Tour
If you like wine, this one's for you. Spend a weekend touring beautiful countryside vineyards and see how wine is made- and get samples, of course!