Eye Color Personality Quiz

Your eyes are the window to your soul. But what exactly does that mean? This quiz is designed to reveal what your eye color says about your personality.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your eyes show your wonder for the world. You greet every site with eager anticipation, whether you see a friend strolling your way or a huge piece of chocolate cake. You are very open-minded and consider yourself an open person in general.

I Got You
People see trust in your eyes and they aren't wrong. You are a natural caregiver and often let people know that you are on their side. Your eyes reveal your care and you capability. They are able to reassure many.

Fight Me
If we had to use a cliche about eyes for you, it would be that you have fire in your eyes. Because you do. When ever someone catches even a glimpse of your peepers, they know what you are capable of and how determined you are.

We'll See
Your eyes hold a cautious permission. They tell the world that you're still placing them and you'll see if they meet your standards. Because of this people often confuse you for cold, this is not true. You just like to take your time to be certain.

I've Got This
Your eyes radiate confidence. When someone dares or challenges you, you don't have to answer as your fierce eyes will speak for you. You are a confident and sure-footed person who believes in themselves.

I Want More
Your eyes show your wonder and thrill of the world. You love seeing things from art to nature to fashion. People can tell you appreciate artistic things and want to feed both your eyes and your soul equally.