Which Spring Activity Should You Try This Year?

Wondering which spring activity you should try this year? We'll give you an awesome idea, for sure!

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You're the outdoorsy type, and you definitely don't mind bugs. You don't need makeup every day (if you're a girl), and you're OK with not shaving for a few days (looking at you, boys!). Try camping this year and sleep under the stars. Just make sure to pick a good, beautiful place, bring a flint for fire, and ensure there's no bears!

You're the adventurous type! You don't want to do something boring, or calming, when the temperature rises this year. You want to do something fun! Canoeing offers the luxuries of the outdoors, including water, sun (tanning), and excitement. Go alone, or go with a friend or two, and find a nearby lake!

Going to the Beach
You don't want to do anything too outdoorsy, just fun! You want something that involves a road trip, a tan, water, and a few places to shop and eat. Why not try the beach?! It's better in spring anyway, much cooler than summer.

You're the type that wants to relax, above all else. Getting some air, exercise, and relaxation are your priorities. So, why not take up hiking this spring?! It's calming, great for your body and mind, and it's an excuse to get out of the house!